puerto lópez / ecuador

After a few days in Quito we took a night bus to Puerto López, a little fishing village in the area of the machalilla national park. It is well known for it’s humpback whale watching possibilities during their annual migration to warmer waters. At the beach we met Colon, a fisher who took us out on his boat for a turn around the coast. We fished and ate that fish raw at the boat in a dish called “Cevice”. Although I don’t like the taste of fish this was really delicious.

at the beach around 6 AM after arriving from Quito on a night bus

ALIM3464 ALIM3467 ALIM3468 ALIM3470the famous blue-footed boobies


Colon took Hannah and me out on his boat for some fishing..

ALIM3501 ALIM3505 ALIM3514 ALIM3525 ALIM3519 ALIM3532 ALIM3533 ALIM3535a ALIM3545 ALIM3570a ALIM3584a ALIM3588 ALIM3593

..afterwards Colon prepared the catch directly on the boat in a raw dish called ceviche- yum!

ALIM3606aa ALIM3614 ALIM3619 ALIM3620 ALIM3646 ALIM3649